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Check out the No Bull Bingo Cheat Sheet to max your cash

  • 20 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

No Bull BingoFor bingo players looking for a bit of extra help in making the most of their bingo cash the bingo blog site No Bull Bingo has come to the rescue with the Cheat Sheet 2010.  Although No Bull Bingo has called this set of helpful tips a cheat sheet, trust us there is not a bit of cheating really going on.  No Bull Bingo has stated in their press release about the Cheat Sheet, that they have pooled their ‘collective knowledge’ to provide players with the opportunity to play ‘smarter’.  The No Bull Bingo Cheat Sheet has a whole stack of useful ways to maximise bingo cash – and all are legal and above board!

Ten helpful bingo hints and tips

There are ten common sense tips to help all online bingo players make the most of their cash.  The sort of helpful advice that players can find in the No Bull Bingo Cheat Sheet are tips like ‘Play bingo rooms late at night – fewer players equals more chance of winning, although smaller jackpots will only be available these small wins all mount up. Mirror Bingo is often quiet at night’. Making slight adjustments like this to game play don’t require bingo players to splash out any extra cash.  When times are tight becoming a little more savvy with your cash – whether it’s playing in online bingo rooms or shopping – is what it’s all about.

No Bull the Bingo Cheat Sheet will be a bingo boost

If you would like to see other valuable suggestions like the following one then click on this link: ‘Make use of ALL free bingo bonus cash to max out on bingo tickets purchased. The bonus is after all free bingo cash in the first place, what is not yours won’t be missed. This is only bonus cash and so can’t be withdrawn, better to take a risk with free bonus cash than real money’.

Bingo players who are looking for all the best bingo sites to play to take full advantage of the No Bull Bingo Cheat Sheet can visit the Bingo Hideout bingo sites directory or maybe even visit No Bull Bingo – whichever direction you choose you will find the best known bingo sites and best bingo bonus offers.

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