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Cheeky Bingo Launches New Multi-Million Pound Ad Campaign

  • 07 Mar 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altThe team behind the UK’s sauciest and sassiest online games sites – Cheeky Bingo – have recently announced the launch of a brand-new ad campaign. In a bid to attract a younger audience, the site has invested millions of pounds in the campaign which has been created by Frontroom. Frontroom are no strangers to working with high-profile clients, and have previously worked with the Clinique beauty brand. However, it’s online gaming that they’re most experienced in, having helped produce campaigns for the likes of Sega, Konami, Sega, and EA, as well as Cheeky rivals, Party Bingo and Foxy Zero (although all three are owned by BWin.) The London-based company touts itself as “an experienced team of thinkers and doers” who “create ideas that bring brands and customers closer together.”

The new ad campaign went live on TVs across the nation on 25th February 2013, starting with the first in a series of six humorous adverts that are themed around the idea that not all free offers really provide good value. With the latest commercial, gone are the husky “cheeky-cheeky” references, but the trademark “heroine” (as we’ll call her) remains. This time, the ad starts with a couple sat eating at a table in a restaurant. The woman looks on at her date with a distinctly bored expression, while the guy (dressed in drag) slurps his ice-cream, as the voice-over refers to mums-eat-free-on-Mother’s-Day deals…. Then, the penny drops – the boyfriend has dressed up as his partner’s mum in order to claim his complimentary meal, whilst the girlfriend would rather be sat at home playing bingo.

Cue exploding glitter and the words, “and then there’s Cheeky free!” Cheeky Bingo‘s purple-haired mascot then appears and the latest offer is explained. Between 25th February and 10th March 2013, up to £3,500 can be won each day when players take part in two free bingo games. There’s also a reminder that you don’t even need to make a deposit at the site if you want to “play for free, and win for real.”

Over the course of the year, the brand will also be rolling out social media and direct marketing in-line with the new campaign. In the meantime, as the sponsor of “Dickinson’s Real Deal” TV show on ITV, it’s changed its’ on-screen idents (the logos or screenshots that are shown before or after each programme break) to support the latest theme.

Have you seen the new Cheeky Bingo ads? If so, do you think they will help the brand attract a younger audience, and why?


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