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Cheggers beggars belief!

  • 27 Feb 09
  • Written by

You know that feeling you get when you speak first, before you have quite had time to put your brain in gear? How often have we all had that awful sinking feeling when we realise to our horror that we have just made the most awful faux pas, and stand sheepishly wishing that the earth would truly open up and swallow us. Luckily for all of us mere mortals there is not usually a waiting reporter to jump on our blunders and publish them in the broadsheets to embarrass us with for ever more. No luckily if we speak first and think after, we are saved from any further future cringing and thankfully it all blows over fairly quickly, this is one of the few benefits of being ‘a nobody’. Keith Chegwin on the other hand, once the darling of 70’s Saturday morning television and now the owner of online bingo site CheggersBingo.com, has as a minor celebrity no such luxury.

The nature of Cheggers faux pas is an interview that cheeky Cheggers gave to the Telegraph’s finance reporter Mark Anstead. In the article Cheggers unwittingly provides every reason not to deposit any funds to play online bingo at CheggersBingo.com. When Cheggers is asked by Anstead, ‘Do you bank online?’ Cheggers gives the startling confession that he in fact does not trust the internet as a safe and secure method of handling cash. If that revelation in itself was not cause for concern for the many depositing online bingo members of CheggersBingo.com then when he goes on to add “Running an online bingo company has brought home to me how many people try and play with stolen credit cards. And no matter how secure a site is, there will always be people trying to hack into you. What I have seen is enough to put anyone off.” With a recommendation such as that from the owner of CheggersBingo.com, it is any wonder that they have any online bingo members left. Cheggers cringe worthy confession is unlikely to win him any friends at St.Minver either, after all if he doubts the security of his own online bingo site then others on the network must also surely be in question.

Certainly not a stranger to controversy, Cheggers has previously confessed in his autobiography ‘Shaken but not stirred’ to being a recovering alcoholic and also was the presenter of a pilot television show on Channel 5 called naked jungle which famously Cheggers hosted completely starkers.

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