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Chit Chat Bingo show us why it’s good to talk

  • 09 Jun 09
  • Written by admin

Chit Chat Bingo

If after last week, you’re missing the sun and the heat already, you may well need cheering up. Luckily, we have a wonderful story from Chit Chat Bingo that is bound to warm the cockles of anyone’s heart. …

Charm lady luck at Chit Chat Bingo

As regular players will know, this generous site offers players the chance to make a wish every time they deposit. This cool feature means that every month, the luckiest players can have their wishes made true without having to resort to buying lucky charms. It was as a result of one such wish that the name beaniebabe became the name on the lips of all the chatterers at Chit Chat Bingo last week.

Sit back and let the Chat magic begin

Having sent in her wishing email to the wishing well team on the site, beaniebabe was granted her desire by the chit chat fairies of a donation to the Hospice of St Francis. Now they say that one good turn deserves another and as a loyal player since 2006 who simply wanted to say thank you to a very worthy charity, the chit chat sprites decided to make this lucky player smile as well.

It all seems like a chain reaction…

Beaniebabe joined in play of the Chain Reactors game after sending her good karma to the site, and won a whopping jackpot of £61,280.57! With this huge amount squirrelled away in her account, beaniebabe said she will spend the money on ‘a new car, paying bills and taking my children on holiday when it has sunk in that I have really won.’

For those who don’t already know, Chain Reactors is one of the most popular sidegames in the chit chat suite, where players have to match five or more consecutive symbols horizontally or vertically to hit the jackpot. We’re all wondering how many symbols win £61k at the Hideout, but after such a selfless request for a worthwhile cause, we can’t think of a more just reward.

Beaniebabe supports the Hospice of St Francis thanks to their help in supporting her friend before she passed away. Since bingo as a game is synomous with fundraising and charity work, this story is one to brighten anyone’s day. Well done, beaniebabe and have a wonderful holiday; you deserve it!


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