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Complex network of fake companies revealed in Cohen US Bingo assault case

  • 16 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Cohen as 'Bruno'The case against Sacha Baron Cohen brought by Richelle Olson for assault at a bingo hall has revealed the complexity of the stunts that are set up by Cohen and his production company.  In a recent article in the Telegraph it was reported that to enable Sacha Baron Cohen to pull off his comedic characters convincingly and without raising suspicion by the unsuspecting general public, a whole network of fake companies with logo’s and websites are created.  This is precisely how Cohen managed to convince the Desert Valley Charities Bingo event organisers in 2007 that the film crew were filming a documentary about bingo when in fact they were filming the ‘Bruno in Texas’ movie which is due to be released shortly.

The well publicised incident at the charity bingo event has resulted in the film studio saying that the allegations made by the charity bingo caller Richelle Olson are completely fabricated and they have filmed evidence that shows that there was no assault.  Ms Olson however is suing for damages in the region of $25,000 for her injuries which include needing a wheelchair and walking stick as a result of the bingo hall incident.

Publicity stunt or genuine case?

Some doubters might see the new court case as a further publicity stunt like the Eminem incident, which supposedly had the star livid when a stage prop went wrong and Cohen, in his full ‘Bruno’ character complete with revealing trousers, managed to accidently thrust his naked bottom in the rapper’s face, which Eminem later went on to claim was completely rehearsed.  Certainly the case has come about in good time for the launch of the film and the publicity surrounding the bingo assault case can only increase box office numbers once it hits the cinemas.

The Bruno character created by Cohen is an overtly gay Austrian ‘fashionista’ who is a intent on gaining world fame and in as many controversial ways as possible and is as camp as Christmas. There are many cringe worth comments in the pre-release trailers that the Austrian press are already taking great exception to, such as Bruno’s desire to be “the most famous Austrian since Adolf Hitler”, and so there will no doubt be more legal proceedings for Cohen in the future once the full film has been seen and further offense no doubt has been taken.

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