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Costa Bingo on the search for a new ad agency

  • 12 Feb 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altCosta Bingo is one of the most well known and popular bingo brands on the market. Since its launch in 2009, Costa Bingo has become one of the online bingo trailblazers, taking up a sizeable chunk of the market. However, as the marketplace becomes more and more saturated, the team at Costa know they need to make changes and that’s why they’re looking for a new ad agency. The Costa Bingo ad account is worth a whopping £1.5 million and the company have approached specific agencies with a brief detailing how they’d like the account to be handled.

Costa Bingo had previously worked with VCCP Blue, who are also responsible for the Muller Rice and infamous Compare the Market ads. This agreement was on a project by project basis but Costa Bingo ended it and decided to handle all of their own advertising in-house. As is stands, the whole media budget that Costa Bingo has allotted, has been spent on TV advertising. This is obviously working well as the Costa Bingo TV ads are recognisable, straight to the point and let the customers hear all they need to know.

However, Costa Bingo is looking for a new agency to work specifically on branding and with an aim to increase their presence in the highly saturated online bingo market. When Costa Bingo was born the market was less packed out but year on year the number of bingo sites being launched is increasing and even veterans like Costa Bingo need to work to keep up.

Costa Bingo is just one brand under the umbrella of the Mandalay Media Group. Mandalay owns some other leading bingo brands including City Bingo, Sing Bingo and X Bingo. This is just a few of the Mandalay bingo sites and with this many of their own in the marketplace, it’s clear to see how difficult it can be to stand out amongst the crowd. The majority of Mandalay bingo sites have a specific theme or design which separates them from the rest and they’re clearly looking to make their brands more distinct so that more people play bingo at Costa Bingo.

This review into advertising will show Costa Bingo the right way to approach branding in 2012 and whether they need a complete overhaul or just a few smaller tweaks, it’ll be bound to set a precedent for other brands and there may just be a new tack for other bingo sites to consider when looking at their own ad campaigns.


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