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Could Friday 13th be a lucky Mecca Bingo day after all?

  • 16 Apr 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altWith superstition and good luck charms almost ingrained in our society, an interesting experiment has recently been undertaken by Mecca Bingo across their traditional brick and mortar bingo clubs. A nationwide experiment was carried out on Friday 13th April to prove that this supposedly unlucky day really can be lucky…….. for some!

Mecca Bingo took the initiative to equip their bingo players nationwide with specially stamped bingo books, all carrying one of four supposedly lucky symbols to see which is the most successful. The symbols chosen included a horse shoe, a black cat, a Buddha and a four leaf clover. The experiment started immediately the gaming began, with an official scoreboard used to catalogue exactly how many wins were gained by each of these lucky signs. It is hoped that at the end of the experiment an overall lucky symbol will be revealed as the most powerful and of course, might put pay to the belief that Friday 13th is an unlucky day altogether.

Of course, many people have their own special good luck charms which they rely on religiously to will themselves into a big win or just a great night out. There are those who have a lucky t-shirt (or even a lucky pair of pants) which they make sure are clean and ready every time they settle down for a bingo session. Others opt for more traditional routes, following their horoscopes to determine when exactly would be the best time to play and many people really do believe this pays off.

Lucky talismans such as four leaf clovers and even an apparently lucky rabbit’s foot can be easily carried around at all times to precipitate a lucky win or just an enjoyable bingo session. Some people’s lucky charms are much less traditional but hold sentimental value; perhaps you wear your mother’s ring or favourite necklace which always brings you good luck? Some people even purport to having a friend or fellow player who always brings them luck so you’ll always find them playing in the same groups. What’s more, if you play bingo in a traditional bingo hall, you may find players who religiously sit in the same seats, claiming it’s their lucky seat and they’d never seat anywhere else. The importance of luck and superstition in the bingo world should not be underestimated as many people take it very seriously.

As for Friday 13th, we’ll have to wait and see whether the results show that the unluckiest days of the year can actually be a lucky for some when they play bingo at Mecca Bingo………… watch this space for more news.


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