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Counterfeit Money at Wirral Bingo Hall Lands Woman in Jail

  • 29 Dec 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIf you’re in any doubt about the image of sweet little old grannies trotting to the local bingo hall on a Thursday afternoon for a doddery dab of their cards, then a recent news story that’s landed on our desks here at the Hideout will totally shatter your illusions. A mother-of-four was jailed earlier this month for intentionally passing on fake £20 notes at her local Birkenhead Mecca Bingo hall in April 2012. Paula Dean, aged 34, who lives at Tapestry Gardens, entered the club with a friend on April 3rd of this year, and the pair split up to change money with the cashier. Both women changed two £20 notes for £1 coins. The cashier in question, however, was rightly suspicious of the notes, believing them to be fakes. As a result, both women were questioned, and the police were asked to attend the scene.

On being asked where she had obtained the money from, Dean said that she had withdrawn it from a cash machine, and had lent £40 to her friend. When she appeared in court earlier this month however, she pleaded guilty to charges of tendering and delivering counterfeit notes. It was also revealed that she has seven previous convictions, which include fraud.

Her defence team asked the judge to suspend any prison sentence, but Denis Watson, QC, was quick to point out that offences involving counterfeit currency directly affect the heart of the UK’s economic system, and thus sentenced her to four months in prison.

In more pleasant news, the Mecca Bingo branch at Birkenhead is currently enjoying a pre-Christmas rush, as players flock to the club to enjoy their favourite games and get in the party spirit before they settle down to spend time with their families for the festive season. The club has almost 600 fans on its Facebook page, and frequently runs contests, competitions, and announces exciting new promotions on their newsfeed. One of their latest site-wide initiatives is enlisting the help of their Facebook fans with a Taste Panel competition. Fans can email their ideas for the in-club menu to the Mecca team for consideration. The Birkenhead branch has also recently introduced some exciting, new HD widescreen slots, featuring all the latest games, which we’re sure will go down a storm with their members.

Do we have any Mecca Bingo fans amongst our readers? If so, tell us what you love most about your local club, and whether they run any special initiatives or events that you enjoy.


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