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Coventry Bingo Hall Turns to Technology

  • 19 Sep 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altA West Midlands bingo hall has well and truly leapt into the 21st century this month by introducing a brand-new way for players to keep track of their cards.

The Rialto Club in Coventry has recently reopened, and is said to be the first venue in England to use tablet computers instead of the traditional method of paper and pencils to play games.

The club’s owners are hoping that by introducing the latest gaming technology, a younger audience will be tempted to take up the hobby.

You may have heard about these devices already, and maybe you’re hoping to see them appear in your local club someday soon. However, they can do a whole lot more than just play games; not only can players use them to mark their cards, but they can also order drinks, play slot machines, and even order a Chinese takeaway from the local restaurant in Coventry without having to leave their table.

The Rialto Club is one of the most well-known buildings in the Coventry area. Having been built in the 1930s and undergoing several different reincarnations as a cinema, dance hall, bingo hall and casino, the building was rebuilt in the 1960s after being destroyed by World War II German aircraft in 1941.

Its new owners, Karen and Paul Hocking, used to work at the venue until it closed five years ago, and have undertaken the latest renovation as a labour of love. Determined to resolve their “unfinished business” and “bring bingo back to the Rialto,” the couple has reopened the building as a Las Vegas-themed bingo hall, complete with over one hundred nifty tablet computers.

In an effort to attract a more diverse and younger audience, players will now be able to enjoy playing games using the latest technological devices. Furthermore, the tables have been named after well-known Vegas hotels to add a sense of glamour and glitz to the proceedings, and encourage party groups to choose the Rialto for a great night out. Owner, Paul Hocking, says it’s “the first electronic-only club in the country,” and will hopefully encourage other land-based venues to follow suit.

It’s now time to hand over to you, our readers, and ask whether you have ever played at a club that uses modern technology, and if so, what sort? Would you like to see these tablet computers being rolled out around the country, or do you think that they detract from the traditional game of bingo?

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