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Crown Bingo wears the social tiara

  • 31 Jul 09
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Crown Bingo

If any more proof were needed that online bingo is truly one of the most popular gaming experiences around outside of the volume of players in the UK, how about taking a look at the first gaming application made for the huge social networking site; Twitter?

Bingo in 25 calls? That’s a tough one

Based in America, the creators of this huge site have announced that gaming software giant Definition 6 has created their first gaming application and it is -no prizes for guessing- bingo! TwitterINGO has just launched and allows addicts of the micro social site to play their favourite game using keywords used across the site by other users.

Played out for the honour of becoming an owner of an ‘I won TwitterINGO’ badge, which can then be displayed on this site and other social sites such as Facebook, this latest honour badge makes this game a fun way to keep you amused no matter where you are, and a cool way to out-do your fellow Twitterers.

Brevity is the soul of wit, but is it the soul of our favourite game?

Of course TwitterINGO can’t offer players cash prizes unlike most online bingo games, but if you get in the game on Tuesdays at 8pm, you’ll see why this game is as addictive as the whole of this unique site and it’s content.There will soon be a leaderboard added to the existing application, so it’s well worth seeing what all the fuss is about.

A butterfly flaps its wings…..

Once you’ve checked out the new game, you might get into being even more of a social butterfly outside of online bingo, so it’s good to know in advance that now is the best time to join Crown Bingo‘s Facebook network. Offering an exclusive bonus to players who join before the end of the July (hurry there’s very little time left) you’ll have immediate access to all the latest dates and promos and you’ll even be able to chat to Crown Bingo’s CM’s and roomies outside of the main site, so get over there to get the heads up every day.


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