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Daughter Stole from Sick Mother to Play Bingo

  • 30 Aug 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

There are some sad things reported in the news, but the recent report of a Doncaster woman who stole thousands of pounds from her disabled mother, so she could play online bingo, has to be one of the most distressing. Clearly any online bingo player who reaches such an all-time low, needs help……… and lots of it.

The details of this story have been reported in local and national news after a Doncaster court heard how Alison Scott took over £7000 from her mother’s bank account to play bingo. Alison’s brother, Michael Crane, said their mother had received a shock bank letter stating that she was overdrawn. Alison is now snubbed by her relatives since the shocking breach of trust.

At first, 70 year old Mrs Crane, believed she was a victim of identity theft. But when her son Michael checked with the bank, it became apparent that the perpetrator of the crime was closer to home.

Mrs Crane, a former hospital clerical worker, had agreed to let her 51-year-old daughter manage her financial affairs using online banking. However, Alison, who had no previous convictions, stole in total £7595 from her mother to feed her online bingo habit. The judge imposed a suspended jail sentence on her, saying it was ‘touch and go’ as to whether he sent Alison to prison. Alison must now complete an eight-month suspended sentence, along with 150 hours of unpaid community work.

Alison’s brother Michael said, “As soon as she heard what Alison had done, my mother stopped speaking to her and we haven’t spoken to her since.
“At first mum thought a complete stranger had got to her bank account, when I found about £6,500 missing, but then the police made enquiries and told us it had gone to Alison’s account.
“My mum was devastated. We found out just before Christmas and we didn’t spend any of that with her. Mum was devastated.
“She hasn’t paid any of the money back and I don’t suppose she will. I’m not so sure that she has got a gambling addiction – that might be something she claimed when she was found out.”

For thousands of players in the United Kingdom, online bingo is a fun way to make new friends, and possibly to win a little bit of money. However, for a small proportion, it can get out of control. If you are spending a significant amount of time playing bingo, if you are concealing or lying about your bingo habit, and missing work, organisations such as Gamcare can help.

Bingo is more popular with women, and organisations like Gamcare are seeing an unprecedented amount of females seeking help for their problems. Because women are generally seen as the nurturing, selfless and the caring ones in a family, it can be harder for them to admit they have a serious problem. This can prevent them from facing up to it and seeking help.  If you feel that you have a problem with online bingo or any other type of gambling, contact Gamcare anonymously for help before it goes too far.

If you want the thrill without the big spend then try some of the excellent sites that offer free bingo!

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