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Debbie from Harrogate you are a Mecca Bingo winner!

  • 04 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoA recent report by Mecca Bingo sheds some interesting light on who are the luckiest players in the UK, and Debbie in Harrogate is the most likely to win playing at Mecca Bingo.  Good news of course if you are named Debbie and you live in the North Yorkshire town but not quite so good news if you are not!  The survey was carried out by Mecca Bingo and analysed data gleaned from 1300 bingo playing members.  Debbie came out on top as the luckiest name, with a massive 92% having won a game and Steve if you are out there then it is also good news for you.  Steve’s were lucky too with 83% having had a bingo win in the Mecca Bingo survey!

Players who are living in Harrogate are very lucky coming top of the list with Falkirk and Berwick On Tweed following on behind. In fact Mecca Bingo found that the North of the UK was much luckier than the South so players further north shouldn’t complain of the North / South divide as lady luck is seemingly on their side! The most generous winners giving cash to friends, family and charity were to be found in Scotland so all those vicious rumours of the Scots being ‘very careful’ with their money or having short arms and long pockets is clearly not true. The Mecca Bingo survey showed that from a big bingo win of £100,000 Scottish players were the most likely to give away an average of £28,756 with the second most generous location being the South East with an average of £27,960of gifts.

Bad news for bingo players who live in Bath though, as they are according to the Mecca Bingo survey the least likely to have a bingo win.  Of course this is all just for fun as a positive attitude and criteria such as how often you play and how much you spend are just as likely to determine whether you will be lucky or not.  Just wondering though how you go about changing your name to Debbie by deed poll, also personal note; must contact the Estate agents and ask for property details for Harrogate!


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