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Dundee Golf Enthusiast Zooms away with William Hill Bingo Jackpot

  • 22 Nov 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altLast month, the William Hill Bingo site’s fantastic Car-a-Day Promo made 31 bingo players very happy. One of those was 29 year old golf enthusiast and travelling salesmen James Stewart from Dundee. In fact, James was actually playing golf when he found out about his great online bingo win.

James had been playing a round of golf at Dundee’s famous Caird Park when his mother in law let him know he’d won a brand new Fiat Panda worth £6,000 at William Hill Bingo. James won his prize on October 30th so got in just in time.  The lucky winner remarked to the William Hill Bingo team that “this has made my day”; and he wasn’t even aware his numbers were entered into the promo.

It’s clear that the win was a huge shock to James who explained that it was their first bit of luck in a long time and he really couldn’t thank his mother-in-law Bella Balburnie enough, as she was the one who got him and his partner, Charlene, playing the online bingo games at William Hill.  Its obvious James will be Bella’s taxi of choice for a few years to come.

Another great stroke of luck was that James was actually considering buying a new car at the time of his bingo win as his old Ford Focus wasn’t really up to the job of keeping him on the road as his work requires. Despite this, James has still shown his caring side and is considering giving the new Fiat to his partner when she passes her test.

Dundee is a small city with only around 150,000 residents, so it was a huge surprise when James became the second person from the area playing bingo games at William Hill Bingo, to win in their amazing Car-a-Day promo. On 9th October, 41 year old mother of four Joanne McCrae, also of Dundee, won a shiny new Fiat Panda in the same promotion.  Joanne’s lucky streak must have rubbed off on Dundee as James scored his win within three weeks of hers. It seems the coincidences just keep on coming as, both James and Joanne chose to collect their brand new cars from the same William Hill shop on Abroath Road in Dundee.

In total, eight of the thirty-one Fiats made their way north of the border to Scottish winners with both Dundee and Glasgow residents scoring two each.  Tony Kenny, a spokesperson from William Hill, described the two cars ending up in the small city of Dundee as “astonishing” and believes the car-a-day event as a whole was “a great promotion.”

Dundee residents should keep their eyes peeled for other great William Hill Bingo promos as it seems their town is prone to good luck.


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