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Elderly lady slapped with a bingo hall ban

  • 23 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo hall banA story in the Telegraph tells of an elderly lady who has been banned from her local bingo hall for telling risqué jokes to her friends.  Unbeknown to Patricia Brown when she was entertaining the bingo hall troops there was the club President seated behind her witnessing the fun.  The president then promptly complained about her behaviour and Mrs Brown was subsequently banned from the premises with immediate effect.  The bingo hall in Swadlincote in Derbys has been the regular destination for Mrs Brown over the last 25 years providing the perfect venue to play her bingo games, however with the ban in place this venue will now no longer be open to her.

Mrs Brown will be Lonely this Christmas

According to the Telegraph article Mrs Brown was looking forward to her Christmas trips to the Woodville Box Club but will now have to stay at home with only her loneliness for company. The 71 year old pensioner is sadly not in the best of health and needs to travel to her local hospital twice a week for treatment.  Mrs Brown has trouble getting about due to her disability which made the local bingo club the perfect location as it was barely a one minute walk away.

Bingo halls no longer the domain of silent matriarchs

Woodville Box Club should have a look at some of the more modern bingo venues across the country, in particular the local Mecca Bingo clubs.  A quick visit to one of the party atmosphere bingo clubs will show how much modern day bingo is from days gone by.  Years ago the bingo halls might be frequented by the blue rinse brigade happy to have their bingo games in silence with a cigarette or two.  Now of course the differences are pretty impressive, for instance there is a strict no smoking policy in all bingo halls, some of the bingo rooms are noisy with entertainment and some even offer male exotic dancers to amuse the lady bingo players. Come on Woodville, if none of the bingo players have complained about the elderly lady and her slightly ribald sense of humour then why worry.  It is the 21st Century and it is after all Christmas!

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