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Election news or bingo news, which would you rather see?

  • 07 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo or politicsAre you an online bingo player fed up to the back teeth with the election news? Do you feel like you have overdosed on political party broadcasts and couldn’t give a flying fig for Labour, Conservatives or Monster Raving Looney?  Then pull up your chair, switch on your pc and wile a few hours away playing online bingo instead.  For most of the population the whole election process and run up to the big night of the election vote count is a bit like having six weeks of root canal treatment – painful, necessary but something that you would prefer not to have to endure!

Vote for Foxy, he would make a good PM

Online bingo makes the perfect boost to flagging spirits, allowing for some light hearted fun, chat and hopefully a jackpot bingo prize or two.  Whatever your favourite site Wink Bingo, Mecca Bingo or possibly even Gala Bingo,  its nice to get away form the telly, the news and the political campaigning for an hour or two.  Of course we all know that it isn’t possible to get away from the campaign trail for long, and as sure as Cashcade made Foxy Bingo the newspapers and TV screens will be awash with not only details of who won but also what their next move will be, who is sacked and who will get a new role on the cabinet………… possibly a fox in a purple suit?

Bingo or Politics, which is more exciting?

What online bingo players want to know of course is where the best bingo promotions can be found, where to play to get the maximum bonus and really important issues like how much bingo tickets are for a particular game, this is where our bingo sites directory comes in handy!  Treat yourself to a few hours away form the goggle box and all the latest news on who is going to be re-carpeting the other side of the famous black door on Downing Street and play some online bingo, recharge your batteries ready for the weeks of relentless news of the successful and not so successful in the UK elections.  We like to hear of winners here in the Bingo Hideout, but we really are not that concerned to hear constant references about the winner of the UK elections – sorry but its true!

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