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Emmerdale the battle ground for online bingo sites?

  • 15 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Emmerdale ad war?It seems that the soap Emmerdale has become the battleground of the online bingo sites, of course with Emmerdale being sponsored by Tombola Bingo it was always going to become almost bingo centric.  Last Week Emmerdale’s ad breaks were almost totally bingo orientated, and even though we are all big fans of bingo you start to wonder if they shouldn’t be spread out a little.  Clearly bingo companies are trying to grab the attention of the ‘floating’ bingo players and as the audience demographic for Emmerdale and Coronation Street is a good fit for the target audience for bingo, it makes good commercial sense for the bingo sites to advertise around these programmes.

I will play bingo, I will play bingo, I will ……

For the team in the Bingo Hideout office though we started to wonder if it was really necessary.  Our belief is that with young families all over the country settling down to watch the soaps at home at 7.00 pm, is this really the right time to have so many online bingo ads?  It became almost a drip feed of bingo images, and some might even go as far to say brainwashing.   Should the attention of the viewing public and in particular youngsters fresh from school, be the target of bingo sites?  Surely the commercial breaks should not be so dominated by online bingo companies, one does start to wonder if young minds should be exposed to such continued and sustained exposure to the lure of gambling. What next for the bingo advertisers? Gambling ads in the breaks of CITV, to grab the attention of the yummy mummies watching TV with their young kids?

Obviously Bingo Hideout is all about online bingo and we wholeheartedly believe that adults should be free to enjoy their online bingo games should they wish to do so, but maybe youngsters should not be exposed so excessively. We often hear complaints about TV companies and their product placements targeting youngsters with images of fast food, fizzy drinks, etc., and if this is the case then surely young kids should not be exposed to an overdose of gambling adverts?  We wonder if the ASA shouldn’t be looking at putting all TV ads post watershed or limiting to only one online bingo or gambling ad per hour.

Janet and John play online bingo?

Tasty Bingo was one of the bingo sites that featured in the ad break for Emmerdale last week, and for a new bingo site grabbing such a prime spot must have taken a substantial amount of cash.  Clearly it makes sense to get as much exposure for any new bingo site when they are launched but if the ASA are not going to make the rules to restrict the amount of ads then maybe sites like Tasty Bingo should choose to advertise later in the soap schedule as a sign of their respect for family values.  What do you think?  Do you believe that the soaps are becoming an absolute stomping ground for bingo advertisers, do you believe that there are too many or are you not at all worried?  We would love to hear our readers’ views on this topic.

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