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Empire Bingo hall joins Mecca Bingo in Blackpool success story

  • 12 Aug 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Empire Bingo HallThere seem to be definite mixed fortunes for Blackpool bingo halls, with news reaching us that another bingo hall in Blackpool is doing very well and is in fact doing so well that the Empire Bingo hall on Haweside Lane is about to celebrate their 35th anniversary with hopes for a very bright future on the horizon. This is the same story that seems to be reported for the Mecca Bingo hall which also is faring well against all the current trends for bingo halls.

Empire Bingo hall – independent and proud

The history of the Empire goes back to 1965 when the current owners John and Elaine Bottomley helped to bring the humble bingo hall to Blackpool.  They were one of the Blackpool bingo hall pioneers and their daughter Linzie Bottomley who is now a Director, is rightly proud of her parent’s success and she is so well known by the patrons of the bingo hall that she remarks in an article published in the Blackpool Gazette that “It’s really a family place and some of the customers have known me since my dad was pushing me in here in a pram when I was a baby”. What makes this story even more pleasing is the fact that the Empire Bingo is not part of a national chain of bingo halls like Mecca Bingo or Gala Bingo, and is now sadly the only remaining independently owned bingo halls in Blackpool

Two succeed, two fail – scales of bingo hall success balanced?

Readers may remember our recent article in the Bingo Hideout news section that reported on the sad news of a second announced bingo hall closure in Blackpool which is due to happen shortly, when the Orion finally closes its doors.  The Orion joins Top Ten Bingo in Blackpool which has been forced to close due to diminishing player numbers, high taxes and the smoking ban.  The closure of the Orion was reported as a compare and contrast article, as the fortunes of the Mecca Bingo hall in Blackpool could not be any more different, with reports that the Mecca Bingo hall is doing very well indeed.

The news of another bingo hall in Blackpool doing so well comes as a pleasant relief and more importantly dispels the myth that the fortunes of the Mecca Bingo hall are improved as they have a big national company behind them.  The Empire Bingo hall in Marton, attribute their success to their loyal bingo players and staff who have continued right from the beginning to support the bingo hall.  Lizie also said in the report “This place, against all odds, has been a success story. The people who work here and the customers are second to none. This place, against all odds, has been a success story. The people who work here and the customers are second to none”.

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