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Even Andy Murray would love the fun over at Littlewoods Bingo this month

  • 04 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

Littlewoods Bingo

Isn’t it funny how so many Brits decide it’s a great time to take up Tennis at this time of year? Something about watching that very British of games on the telly makes many of us imagine straining for the ball as our racquets glide effortlessly through the air, but the truth of the matter is that few of us will ever experience the thrill of playing at the level we see on show at this prestigious event, but thanks to Littlewoods Bingo we can pretend that we are part of the whole experience and have fun while we’re at it!

Break out the strawberries and cream, Jeeves

You may well be wondering what on earth we’re talking about, well chaps the fact is that Littlewoods are offering the top seed in their tennis tournament a wonderful Wii to play their greatest games on. You’ll also get the fab Virtua Tennis 2009 tennis game, a bottle of Robinson’s Orange Barley, and a 28 in 1 Sports Accessories Pack which includes tennis racquet adapter, golf club adapter and baseball adapter among others. Best of all in order to win the Wimbledon Wii, all you need do is play your favourite game at Littlewoods before July 5th. You’ll be placed in the draw and you could be playing a two player game with your opponent sooner than you imagined. No shouts of ‘you gotta be joking’ from those who don’t win!

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

That’s not the only prize draw entry you’ll get when you play for real this month at Littlewoods Bingo either! Unbelievably you’ll also be entered into the draw for an amazing Summer holiday worth £2,500! For every pound you spend, you’ll get an entry into this brilliant promo and even more astonishingly, if you’ve already booked your holiday this year, littlewoods will give you a cash alternative so you don’t miss out on either treat! Join in play before 15th August and see why so many people love this trusted name for their online bingo games.


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