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Exciting new bingo game launched at Tombola

  • 06 May 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt’s not very often a new bingo game is launched, especially not from one of the old stalwarts like Tombola, but they have brought out a brand new game; perhaps in an attempt to give their brand a boost and attract new customers. This should attract new players as it offers a completely different style of play, complete with the chance to win 5 different jackpots every game.

When you first look at the Bingo 60 game, available in both the Latte and Mocha rooms at Tombola, you’ll probably think it looks extremely complicated and not at all like your regular games. However, as with the best games out there, you will soon get to grips with it and as they have included the usual automatic daubing it means your numbers are always ticked off without you having to worry about catching up. Bingo 60 is a variation in which every player starts with five tickets and is therefore in line to win one of five jackpots.

The ins and outs of this new game are quite straightforward, once you get going and we can certainly see why Tombola have chosen to go with this new game for their site. Each of the games will cost the player between 25p and £2 and you’re dealt a blue, purple, orange, red and green card for whatever stake you choose. Each different coloured card comes complete with a different amount of numbers and the aim, as ever, is to cover every number on your card.

Of course, jackpots are dependent on a number of factors; the stake that is paid, the number of players involved and various others including the ratio of bonus to real money staked, but as playing bingo at Tombola is already popular amongst members, then predictions for jackpots achievable are high. Every individual card has its own jackpot and there is a further jackpot for covering every ticket.

One of the main plus factors of the game is the layout and style they’ve used to present their game. Bright and exciting, this new feature is something that players can get excited about and offers something different from their regular gaming experiences. Put simply……. this is a five card bingo game complete with 60 numbers, spread out across the cards and there are plenty of ways to win.
Tombola Bingo aren’t the first site to launch Bingo 60 but it will certainly be a strong tool in their arsenal and bound to attract new players.


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