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Exclusive Royal Bingo Party to Celebrate the Jubilee

  • 01 Apr 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAt Bingo Hideout we’re proud to announce some exclusive news from the heart of the Royal family. As the Queen reaches her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, she is planning a one-off exclusive event unlike anything she has thrown before. To celebrate 60 years of monarchy, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth is launching her very own family bingo party.

Keen to show off what’s due to happen, the Royals have released some key details of the event, so the general public can whet their appetites. Of course like one of Her Majesty’s garden parties, we can’t attend but this one off event is going to feature televised elements which we can all enjoy.

This totally unique and exclusive bingo event, being held at one of the Queen’s many palaces, yet to be announced, is going to give the Royal family a chance to indulge in one of Her Majesty’s favourite hobbies – complete with their very own bingo caller in the form of BBC Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell. Despite provoking the Royals in the past, Nicholas has become a firm friend of the family and his fiery attitude is just what the Queen thinks the party needs for their bingo caller. What’s more, it’s rumoured Nicholas has some special bingo calls in mind, in keeping with the Queen’s special day. For example, we’re expecting ’33’ to be followed by calls of ‘Diamond Jubilee’, ‘48’ will of course be ‘Princess Kate’ and much much more. Hopefully the BBC will get some hot gossip to share with us all once the party is over. We wonder if there will be an online bingo version of the royal game to be launched in the future, to give the likes of Posh Bingo, Crown Bingo and Castle Bingo a bit of competition in the name stakes.

In addition to the fun filled bingo sessions, the Queen has also arranged for some alternative entertainment. This will come in the form of grandson Prince Harry’s efforts, as he’s put together a royal supergroup called April and The Fools.  Harry is of course the lead on the band, fashion diva princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are his rhythm and bass section and of course good old Uncle Edward is on keyboards. The actual music that the band have chosen to play has been kept under wraps but Eugenie has been spotted meeting up for lunch with rock legend Brian May, so there could be more rockin’ versions of God Save The Queen to come.

Needless to say an event like this has generated huge press interest and there is hope that the whole Royal family will attend, including golden boy Prince William and his ever popular bride. The Queen has certainly pulled out all the stops to ensure her party will be one to remember and if the chance to be a fly on the wall were possible, we’d jump at it.

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