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Eyes Down for the Last Time at Milford Haven Bingo Hall

  • 02 Apr 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt was only last week that we published an article about how many industry experts are concerned that planned government tax hikes could close a number of already-struggling bingo halls across the country over the next year. Many clubs suffered a significant drop in player numbers after the smoking ban was introduced in 2007, and with the recent double-dip recession, things have been looking even bleaker, particularly for independent, local clubs. So, it comes as very sad news to hear that a Milford Haven bingo hall called out its numbers or the last time on 24th March 2013. Pembrokeshire-based Top Ten Bingo recently confirmed it was closing both its Milford club in Charles Street and its Pembroke Dock premises in Queen Street.

Nathan Griffiths is the Milford branch’s assistant manager, and says that the closure didn’t come as a surprise to either the employees or customers. Apparently, business had been suffering for a number of years, and it was only a matter of time before the branch closed its doors. Mr. Griffiths went on to say that there are a number of loyal members who’ve been coming to the club for years, who will now have no option but to give up their beloved bingo or travel to their nearest club in Swansea (a 90 minute journey by car, and two and a half hours by bus).

Milford Haven Business Circle is a group of local business people who aim to influence community issues and act as the voice of local businesses. Their chairman, Lynne Turner, says that although it is extremely sad to see businesses in the area closing, it’s important to stay positive about trading in the town. Two new shops are due to open imminently, and the Business Circle is fighting hard to help smarten up the town centre in order to boost the local economy. The Circle is calling on the town’s businesses and Pembrokeshire County Council to get involved with the redevelopment that Ms. Turner hopes will “impact on how the wider public view our town.” Anyone who is interested in finding out more can follow the Circle’s progress via their Facebook page.

Do any of our readers live in or near the Milford Haven area? If so, do you think it’s acceptable that you should have to travel to Swansea to get to your nearest bingo club? Perhaps you have restrictions meaning that you can’t even travel that distance, in which case will you have to give up playing altogether?

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