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Facial Recognition – The Future of Online Bingo?

  • 07 May 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIf our ancestors could see how the world has changed since they enjoyed sitting at tables playing card games, chess, and tiddlywinks with friends, they’d probably be wide-eyed with shock at the likes of online bingo and casino games. Of course, the majority of us take the wonders of the internet and online gaming for granted, even though plenty of people still enjoy a regular or occasional visit to a land-based bingo hall or casino. However, with the continuing advances in technology, even the world of online gambling is moving forward at a fast pace, and plans are being hatched that could see the security of our player accounts being increasingly tightened with futuristic systems. Facebanx is a UK-based technology company which has recently released a brand-new type of facial recognition technology. It is aimed at online companies such as internet banking, online gambling operators, e-wallet processors, and insurance providers.

Despite existing security measures for online gamers, such as passwords, aliases, and credit/debit card security codes, there are sadly still many identity thieves who prey on these types of players to steal their personal and banking details. Thanks to Facebanx, it could soon be much harder for someone you’ve never met to clone your identify to create fake passports and documents, backup horrendous credit card bills in your name, or plunder your bank account. Their system works by asking the customer to use their webcam or smartphone/tablet device in-built camera to submit a short video recording when they sign-up for a new account, or upgrade an existing account.

Facebanx’s technology then analyses the recording’s details to check that the video is not a still photo, but actually a real, live person, before adding it to the central database. From then on, when the user tries to log-in to their online account, the website’s facial recognition software will compare their face to the one that is registered in the Facebanx database. If the user’s face does not match, it can then easily be identified and tagged as fraudulent.

The Director of the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, Professor Mark Button, describes this new technology as “an exciting development, and a product which could be one step closer” to clamping down on identity fraud. Similar facial recognition software is already in use by passport control teams at Heathrow and Gatwick airports, so could it also soon be the future of online bingo?

How do you feel about the potential introduction of this new technology? Would you feel safer playing at an online bingo site that used facial recognition software, or would it deter you from wanting to play?

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