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Fancy a bit of Posh, now you can find it at Posh Bingo

  • 23 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo have at last come over all Posh, after having the Posh Bingo name for sometime the online bingo site now finally has the image to suit the moniker. Posh Bingo are now able to live up to the well-to-do name and deliver a superior online bingo service, the new site is distinguished, tasteful and offers something just that little bit different.

Visit the new Posh Bingo site and you will be surprised by the delightful graphics, it is bright in a classic sense, giving an air of quality. If you like to compare the new Posh Bingo site against the old online bingo site then it is similar to the difference between Keira Knightley and Katie Price, one oozes stylish classic beauty the other, well….. we won’t go there! The old Posh Bingo was a kid of contradiction in terms really, but now it is everything that it pertains to be.

Although as you can tell we are extremely impressed by the fresh new image at Posh Bingo the most impressive thing has to be in the games. The new Posh Bingo has the best attraction for online bingo players everywhere – buckets of free bingo! Yes all day every day you can enjoy free online bingo games at Posh Bingo, and the jackpots can be pretty impressive every day too. There is a guaranteed jackpot of £30 every day … and best of all you can advance ‘buy’ so you don’t even have to be there each day to play!

Posh Bingo haven’t changed everything, and in fact in some respects it still remains comfortable because of the simplicity of the game play. Posh Bingo still use the same software which is provided by 888/Globalcom, although because they are now a standalone they have more control over certain aspects, hence the new look and brilliant free bingo games. Should you miss the old site you can still find it at www.PoshBingo.co.uk, though methinks you would be mad not to like the new and fantastic Posh Bingo.

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