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Fancy some more Bingo on the Box?

  • 17 Jun 09
  • Written by admin

bingo on the box

This week our spies got wind of a very interesting new foray into the world of crossover TV bingo, and it seems that this time it’s Channel Five who are daring enough to trying out the format. After ITV’s tv bingo show and online bingo sites were taken off the air without given reason, it seemed it would be a while until we saw another UK television channel taking up the mantle of host for any form of bingo game. According to our spies however it would seem that having recently been in talks with PartyGaming, Channel Five may have an online bingo and casino site up and running within the year!

Five alive!

The benefit of running online bingo and casino sites as part of a television site’s package is of course that you already have the advertising space and a targeted audience you would need to promote the new business to already on tap. This further expansion for the channel into the realms of the digital forms part of the channel’s attempt to bring in increased online revenues this year. The launch of the brand led gaming package forms part of Five’s plan to ‘expand its presence in digital media both in terms of its core broadcast content as well as allied offerings that reflect the channel’s unique sense of dynamism and fun’ explained Dawn Airey, the Chair and Chief Executive of Five.

Stepping up a gear

Their online bingo site forms an extension of their Demand Five services that launched this time last year. The channel’s video on demand service will support advertising for the new sites, and their existing portal Five-Fwd will add casino and ads for online bingo to its repertoire of advertising aiming at the younger generation of men the channel is aimed at.

There are of course many online bingo sites out there making a huge success of cross over bingo games already. Sites such as the brilliant Bingo on the Box for example are enjoying massive successes hosting their games on tv as well as online, so this is not a new development in bingo formats. It will be interesting to see once this new site is launched whether in the light of ITV’s decision to shut down their bingo businesses, a focused advertising campaign can bring in the player numbers.


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