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Fancy taking in a show?

  • 01 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

Bucky Bingo

A fair few months ago now, the Hideout reported on an upcoming theatre show based on events in a bingo hall over the course of a day. This week we are happy to report that the tickets are on sale, and that if you take in this particular show, you may even take away a mystery surprise!

Lucky number 9

The prestigious show is called Everybody Loves a Winner and is directed by Neil Bartlett. Advertised as an ‘all singing all dancing spectacular’, the premiere is to be held at the Manchester International Festival 09 which opens on the 2nd July. Billed as the ‘World’s first international festival of original, new work and special events,’ having the opening night for this exciting show as part of this event is truly the theatrical equivalent of hitting a Full House!

Surprise, surprise

It would seem from the press surrounding the show that Mr Bartlett has many surprises in store for his audience during the course of the show. This comes as no surprise since the Royal Exchange had to apply for a gambling license so he could host a bingo game!

Since the game the audience is watching is real, the direction of the game is not as predictable an outcome at the end of every night of the run as what actors have come to expect. Meaning that this devised piece also involves a certain element of improvisation,it has been reported that Bartlett has even taken some of the seats out of the Royal Exchange and replaced them with bingo tables so that audience members can take part in the fun.

How closure led to success

In addition to the excitement that the mystery prize is generating, there has also been talk of an ‘ironic’ bingo caller appearing onstage during the show, which is creating a buzz among bingo fans. The show itself is based on a year’s worth of research by Bartlett around live bingo and he has stated grew out of a sadness when he heard his local bingo hall was shutting down. While Bartlett did not discuss which of the UK brands was losing a hall in his local area, the ultimate focus is not on whether it was a named brand such as Mecca Bingo or an independent such as Buckingham Bingo; the hall he has created is a generic representation.

Pre-buy your tickets today

The show is said to discuss the national fascination with the bingo game and looks at whether the thing that keeps players coming back is the idea they might be the winner or simply the excitement of taking part. Playing until the 1st August, get your tickets now and see how much fun bingo can be even as a spectator sport!


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