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Female online bingo players moving over to Foxy Casino?

  • 13 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoIf a recent survey carried out in the USA is anything to go by, then female online bingo players are using the humble bingo game as a stepping stone to playing online casino games like roulette at sites such as Foxy Flutter. The survey of course could be biased as it was commissioned by an online casino called Live Roulette, but figures seem to show that lady online bingo players in the UK are also becoming more adventurous in their online gaming habits and moving on to other forms of gambling once they have become comfortable with playing online bingo.  It does beg the question if there is a real trend appearing of female bingo players moving on from what is regarded as a soft form of gambling to a slightly harder and also more male dominated market.

If there is a trend developing then this would explain why certain sites that are better known for bingo such as Foxy Bingo have started to put a toe in the online casino water.  Foxy Bingo’s casino site which features roulette is called Foxy Flutter and certainly breaks the established trend which had previously seen other gambling markets expanding into the female dominated and very popular online bingo sites market. Foxy Flutter still provides the same softer face that players have experienced playing the popular online bingo site, and is aimed almost entirely at the female player market.  The online casino site provides all the usual casino games like blackjack, baccarat, poker with some of the more female player friendly games like online slots and instant win games – not forgetting of course the now almost omnipotent image of Foxy himself.

Foxy Bingo are never ones to miss a trick and getting ahead of the online bingo game and adding value to the business along the way is very much their modus operandi.  The recent purchase of the online bingo site by Party Gaming as reported in our previous article doesn’t seem to be stopping the steam roller effect that Foxy Bingo seems to carry out on their many competitors.  It does make one wonder what great things that Foxy Bingo have hidden up their sleeves for the future, only time will tell – or a crystal ball!


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