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4 Reasons Why Do Intelligent People Gamble?

  • 22 May 15
  • Written by LisaLucky

4 reasons why intelligent people gambleMany people like to have a flutter on the slots, a game of bingo or even a night in the casino?
There’s nothing really wrong with it if it’s something you can afford and enjoy. There is a question
though which many people ask and that is, why do intelligent people gamble?

There are a number of reasons why intelligent and happy people gamble and it’s mostly to do with
psychological factors and basic human needs. Usually the buzz of winning big will stick with you
forever, that incredible feeling of having money in your pocket and not having worked for it.


Gambling today and in the past has always been seen and participated in as a social event. Gamblers enjoy a flutter or a game with friends over a beer and pizza. Many men love to have a guy’s night in over pizza and bear playing an engaging game of poker to end a long week at work. It can be relaxing and rewarding and of course sociable.

The Utility Theory

If you are happy you are more likely to gamble. The utility theory is defined by investorwords.com as being “A theory used in economics that holds the belief that an item or service’s utility is a measure of the satisfaction that the consumer will derive from the consumption of that particular good or service.” If you are feeling good, or you have had a good day at work you Utility is assumed to increase with wealth, so gamblers often look to spend a penny or two to attempt to raise their positive mood further.

The Psychology

Which online bingo rooms do you choose and why? Do you go for the more upper class sophisticated ones or do you prefer to go for something bright, colourful, sleek and sexy? Whatever your reason for choosing what you do there are psychological reasons behind it. There are often suggestions of the high societies enjoying exclusive games in casinos which they feel makes them look higher class and accomplished individuals.


Sometimes it nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. After a busy week you may want to settle down with a takeaway and indulge in a game of online bingo to escape or you may want to throw yourself into the bright lights of the casino or noisy arcades for a change of scenery people and sounds.

As explored above there are numerous reasons why intelligent people choose to gamble due to psychological reasons. If played in moderation it can be enjoyable, sociable and a form of escapism for your everyday lives if done responsibility.

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