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Foxy Bingo achieves top ten of Marketing’s most recalled ads

  • 30 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoFoxy Bingo can probably be credited with producing the most memorable online bingo television advertising campaigns ever created.  Featuring the unstoppable and supremely magnetic bushy tailed fox character, other bingo sites can only come up with television adverts that are a mere shadow of the fabulous Foxy.  Certainly Foxy Bingo has benefited from having such a memorable television advertising campaign, and the whole concept of Foxy is pure marketing genius.

Smaller annual advertising spend doesn’t hold Foxy back

According to Marketing Magazine Foxy Bingo have achieved a higher accolade than just being a memorable online bingo site, their Adwatch survey places Foxy Bingo at no.10 in the top ten of TV ads with the highest recall in any week and at no.18 of ads with the highest recall in a single year.  What makes Foxy Bingo’s achievement all the greater is the fact that they are alongside some pretty big well established supermarket and retail names with massive advertising spends. Tesco’s for instance had an annual spend for 2008/2009 of £114m which compared to Foxy Bingo’s £4m shows how big the online bingo site’s success really is.

All done without upsetting the ASA applecart

Obviously Foxy Bingo haven’t achieved their advertising success alone, with a great online bingo product the bingo site needed a fantastic advertising and production team to show them at their best.  Cashcade, the parent company behind Foxy Bingo made sure they achieved this by securing the assistance of Biscuit, an advertising agency that has worked with big names like Guinness and mobile phone giant Orange.  The bringing together of Foxy Bingo and Biscuit has propelled the online bingo company into a market leader position, a position that other online bingo sites have trouble knocking them from.  Foxy Bingo has also managed to attain success without falling foul of the Advertising Standards Authority, unlike many others in the online bingo industry – tombola Bingo included. It is a fantastic achievement that Foxy Bingo has been recognised by the marketing industry for their incredible success and they should also be applauded for doing so without breaching any ASA codes of practice.  True there have been a few complaints but none of these complaints made by the viewing public have been upheld.


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