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Foxy Bingo Cruise, fun, drama and of course bingo!

  • 29 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoWere you one of the lucky ones to sail on the trip of an absolute lifetime, on the fourth Foxy Bingo Cruise?  If so you will already know all about the madness, mayhem and high jinks that took place on the three night fun packed Foxy Bingo trip.  Word has it that there was a message sent from beyond the grave, a room key lost overboard, lost passport, enormous panties, a surprise hen night and a wolf tattoo ………… Phew, just to name some of the goings on!

The Foxy Bingo cruise set off from Portsmouth on 13th May packed to the gunnels with online bingo playing funsters all  looking to win some bingo cash, see some sights, meet up with online friends that most had only every chatted to online and to party hard.  And from reports received back here in dear old Blighty the trip was an amazing success with more fun than anyone could ever have imagined.

Foxy Bingo players are the nicest people

As with all best made plans there were a few disappointments, one in particular was a very bitter pill to swallow for one online bingo player who lost her passport just prior to the Foxy Bingo Cruise. The unfortunate Foxy online bingo player ‘Starkitten’ had been so excited to finally get the opportunity to meet her Foxy Bingo roomie friend ‘DessyCool27’ when she won tickets, and very generously invited her friend.  When Starkitten realised that she could not make the Foxy Bingo cruise because of her lost documents, in true Foxy Bingo family style Starkitten gave both her tickets to DessyCool27 so that her daughter could go instead.

Thankfully most tales of the Foxy Bingo cruise were happy ones though.  One player Jannette Collins AKA ‘NannaRaspberry’ felt her bingo loving mother Dolly, had sent a message to her from beyond the grave to enjoy the cruise trip for her when her mother’s picture had fallen off the wall just before she left for the Foxy Bingo Cruise, and enjoy it she most certainly did when she won a fantastic cash prize of £320.

Lost key and big pants

The bingo loving fans all set sail aboard the Pride of Bilbao headed towards the Spanish port with the same name, Bilbao. Foxylicious 1 was the player who managed to lose her cabin key overboard, which wouldn’t have been a major disaster but for her prized bingo dabber going the same way, she didn’t let it dampen her spirits though and set about having a ‘whale of a time’.  The surprise hen night party was all the work of the Foxy Bingo playing friends of ‘BoomerBaby’, who managed to plan the surprise event right under her nose.  Foxy himself supplied a special cake to mark the occasion.

Oh, by the way in case you were all wondering the tattoo was a white wolf and was added to the arm of Anna the Foxy Bingo radio host and the big panties belonged to ‘JennySambuca’ – but we won’t go there!


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