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Foxy Bingo knows what women want!

  • 12 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoAn interesting report on the EGaming Review site recently has focused on women, online bingo and online gambling trends.  In the report it stated that gambling companies are eyeing the, as yet un-tapped market of female gamblers to draw in more revenue for online gambling sites.  It would seem from the report that because women are reported to be the most likely to play online bingo that they are now ready to embark on other areas of online gambling such as poker, sports betting and casino games. The report also goes on to cite that women currently account for 43% of online gamblers.

In the EGaming report, Simon Collins the Chief Executive of Foxy Bingo gave some weight to the argument by stating they have managed to break away form the stereotypical female only audience for their online bingo site with 30% of players being male, therefore the reverse must be possible. In Foxy’s case this is most certainly true, as Foxy Bingo have enjoyed some quite astounding success with the Foxy Flutter Casino which is a female friendly version of the ‘Get Minted’ Cashcade casino site.  The player base at Foxy Flutter is reportedly 70% female, however this site is specifically aimed at a female market and clearly Mr Collins has not only the understanding of what his predominantly female audience wants, but he has also taken the trouble to deliver.

Does your guy read Hello or The Sport?

The difference between the sexes is so wide it is never going to be fully exploited with a ‘one online bingo site fits all’ or even a ‘one online gambling site fits all’ approach.  As an example a guy may well pick up Hello magazine whilst sitting in the hairdressers and flick through even seeming interested in the content, however he is never likely to purchase the magazine for himself or god forbid, purchase a subscription.  Just as a woman may well feel more than happy to dabble in a little light hearted fun enjoying her online bingo, playing a few online casino games or playing at her local bingo hall but is she ever going to feel really comfortable crossing the smoky male dominated threshold of the bookmakers other than on Grand National Day?

Ladettes or Ladies – Foxy delivers!

Men and women are incredibly different and thank goodness we are, of course in the current world of the ‘ladette’ maybe online bingo will lead to a flood of women entering the sports betting and poker world, but surely percentage wise it will only be a small amount in comparison to the  male player numbers.  Is this a stereotype? Probably, but the reason the stereotypical player is described as such, is because the facts exist to support the argument.  Foxy Bingo has it right, with the softer and more female friendly Foxy Flutter Casino, Foxy knows if you want women to play online gambling sites (other than the softer bingo side) then you need to get inside their heads and understand what they are all about – and lets face it most husbands can’t even do that!


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