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Foxy Bingo launch Foxy Street, but it’s not up our street!

  • 09 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoWhat do you get if you put Foxy Bingo into a big bowl and throw in the Sunday paper supplement offers and a huge helping of Betterware catalogue products and give it a good shake? Foxy Street that’s what!  Foxy Bingo has always been at the forefront of new innovative ideas, managing to capture the imagination and having an absolute total awareness of the market that their online bingo and gaming products are aimed at. However with the launch of Foxy Bingo ’s new online shopping pages called Foxy Street, it begs the question, Foxy what are you thinking? Where has your inspiration gone, your understanding of the ladies and more importantly your style? Crammed packed full of oversize remote controls, grandma housecoats and rose bushes for the garden, it appears that Foxy Bingo has suddenly reached retirement age and wants a sensible cup of cocoa before bed time and not a street party!

Foxy Street makes you want to enjoy an afternoon nap!

Foxy Street is certainly off the usual Foxy Bingo style radar and as an idea, it has to rank amongst the other howlers of late such as Arlene Philips being replaced as a Strictly judge by Alesha Dixon. So has Foxy Bingo lost touch with reality or will Foxy Street soon be including shopping products aimed at their target online bingo audience?  Bingo Hideout recently produced a comprehensive study of online bingo players and although it is true that the silver surfer is alive, well and playing online bingo, they are also very modern in their outlook.  Today’s sophisticated online bingo playing fifty something is likely to be up to the minute with trends and fashions and savvy enough to go searching for a suitable online shopping catalogue that offers a lot more than big knickers and comfy bras.

Foxy Street provides Foxy Bingo points when you shop

We love Foxy Bingo here at Bingo Hideout and of course it is a great idea to offer products for online bingo players to buy – after all when you have a captive audience then why not exploit all possible opportunities, but some might say that this is an idea that hasn’t been completely researched.  That said there are a couple of great aspects to the new Foxy Street site, for a start the price you see is inclusive of postage and packing so no extra cash to find, and Foxy Bingo online bingo account holders will receive bonus points when they shop.  Early days of course and there are many of the categories listed that are ‘still under construction’ so we are hopeful that Foxy Street soon has a big style injection, we will as always keep you posted as to developments on that front.


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