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Foxy Bingo numero uno in Google hit parade, Bingo Hideout reach no.18

  • 04 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoAs you all might expect big online bingo names like Foxy Bingo and Mecca Bingo grab the majority of online traffic and headlines, and it is fully understandable as not only do they have a huge name in the industry which has been helped along by very memorable television advertising campaigns but they also have the assistance of marketing agencies that further helps to promote their corporate identity to the general public.  It means that we are never likely to forget their names, they become like ‘Hoover’ is to vacuum cleaners, online bingo is now very firmly associated with these big industry names.

Imagine our surprise today when reading the latest news in the eGaming Review that showed in April this year according to Greenlight the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing company, that out of the twenty most visible names according to Google, none other than your own favourite ‘Bingo Hideout’ achieved number 18.  It makes us feel mighty proud that we are up there rubbing virtual online bingo shoulders with the great and the good.  The might of Foxy Bingo though is certainly something to behold, as the report shows that the Foxiest Fox around has managed to obtain 76% of first page results for bingo related searches.  These results have been achieved according to the eGaming Review report for searches made for terms such as ‘online bingo’, ‘bingo’ or ‘free bingo’.

Top Twenty of the Hit Parade – things can only get better!

We are pleased as punch here in the office for managing to get our place up in the top twenty and although we know we are never going to knock the almighty Foxy Bingo off his number one slot, we like to think that we have earned a little bit of kudos just for being there with him! Alright we may be number 18 and 8% of first page results at the moment, but who knows where we will be next month! Other significant first page rankings are at number two with a very impressive 65% Dream Bingo, followed by Bingo.com with 61% reaching number three, Mecca Bingo was positioned at no.4 and managed to achieve 56% of first page rankings.

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