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Foxy celebrates its 3rd birthday with an unexpected move

  • 11 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

Foxy online bingo is 3

June sees Foxy Bingo‘s third birthday celebrations in full swing and with the chance to win a Fiat Punto or a Caribbean Cruise, there’s everything for loyal roomies to play for.

One of our favourite community-orientated sites, Foxy has made a landmark decision on its birthday, which should have a positive affect on all of its loyal players. The choice to cease vying for new players in the ever increasing ‘sign-up wars’ is an example we hope other sites will follow – and soon.

Short term perks, long-term losses

Sign-up bonuses to online bingo sites have become the equivalent of the enticing 6-month interest free choice on a new credit card. Inevitably with the ever-increasing flood of sign-up bonuses on offer after the time is up (or in the case of online bingo sites after the free cards are played) people move on to the next freebie offer. All of which does nothing for player retention numbers. More annoyingly for loyal players free games used momentarily by passers-by can mean the huge jackpots can be swiped by someone who is never heard from again, while roomies wait for PJP’s to build up again.

Freedom for movement of funds

A move like this across the board of online bingo could lead to easier withdrawal of winnings for existing players on any site, which can only lead to better retention numbers. Nobody likes to feel like their money’s stuck or lost in cyberspace and with stable funds in the pot, more bingo sites will be better able to allow existing players to get to their winnings faster.

Better the devil you know

Foxy Bingo are the first of the big brand bingo sites to realise that it’s better to stick with those who want to be there and act on retaining the existing community as a result. With less focus on attracting new players with free games, Foxy can set an example by becoming even more focused on rewarding existing players with better loyalty schemes, and perhaps even more regular player meets.

A fantastic way to celebrate, this groundbreaking move demonstrates the site’s confidence in player retention. Bingo Hideout once again applauds this brilliant site for paving the way for others. Remember, Foxy is still offering a price match on sign-up – an acceptable compromise – and ultimately we hope this means there will be even more brilliant promos, jackpots and innovation to be seen on the Foxy site in the next few months.

Well done and Happy Birthday Foxy!


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