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Foxy cruise update

  • 22 Oct 08
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Foxy bingo cruiseLast week was the occasion of the third Foxy Bingo cruise to Bruges, and since their return to Blighty we have heard some very exciting stories of what went on…

What with dancing, jackpot winning and chocolate treats all round, the roomies – and the CM's – all seemed to have enjoyed the fun all aboard the Good Ship Foxy. We’ve even heard some interesting accounts of the Foxmeister, who apparently went missing in action!

Poor old Foxy was allegedly held to ransom by a rogue group of roomies who demanded a staggering £1m for his release! There are plenty of photos of this disturbing story out there, dear Hideout members, but if you are of a delicate persuasion we would advise you not to look!

There's no official word on the Foxy bingo site to say whether he has returned yet and in what state, although various sources report that he was being treated well and was, alongside those responsible, having a whale of a time. We at the Hideout have faith however, that those that love the Foxmeister and the site, will ensure his safe return after the party is finally over, so don't fret!

We love this kind of rollicking good fun here at the Hideout; knowing that players are able to meet each other and have a good old time with Foxy makes us wonder why more internet bingo sites don't take the idea of an annual players meet and run with it. After all, any excuse for players to get to meet after spending many games in each others company can only be a good thing as it will go a long way to cementing friendships created playing uk bingo online.

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