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Foxy cruises into a new phase of community fun

  • 11 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Foxy Bingo

It sure is all go over at Foxy Bingo at the moment, what with their recent He’s Back campaign having been rolled out and taken over the advertising war, now foxybingo.com has also entered back into the sign up war, offering a huge £20 to newbies.

This is their biggest ever incentive, and goes to show how some of the £1m prize money spent last month will be recovered. This about-turn on sign up cash incentives also shows how competitive online bingo has once again become. Since it remains one of the few growth industries during the recession, internet bingo is working very hard to make sure that potential players hear of their site first and make their sign up bingo bonus package worth joining for.

More change to come

There has also been some other changes since Foxy came back, such as the loss of the site’s forum which shows no sign of coming back sadly. We have mentioned many times before how we at the Hideout think that forums are in fact one of the superlative features on any site. In fact in terms of finding out things you need to know and fast and keeping up with friends it cannot be beaten. However foxybingo.com does have it’s own radio station and of course live chat so it wont be a huge loss to a site that is way ahead of others in terms of community led spaces.

Foxy is steaming ahead

In fact, Foxy Bingo are so renowned for taking care of their online community so it’s no surprise to hear that this year’s cruise is a bigger and better experience than ever. In fact foxy bingo are planning on a three day spectacular to beautiful Bilbao in sunny Spain. Play in the Cruise Ship pattern in the 75-ball games before the 8th March and you could be one of the lucky ones to win a pair of tickets before they go on sale. No matter how you get em, do get yours in and you too can sail off to sunnier climes on the biggest UK bingo cruise ever. Ticket games are held at 1pm, 7pm, and 8pm every day in the It’s Your Party room.

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