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Foxy teases the answer out of us

  • 28 Jan 09
  • Written by

Foxy is backFollowing the forum entry from our Hideout member, pbody, we have been investigating the new Cashcade teaser trailer, and this is what our spies have come up with so far…

A new era of game play

This amusing ad with its disco ball, grand theme and purple comet, is a short reminder what we have been missing out on in the world of uk bingo for the first part of the New Year.

Short and sweet, this trailer announces that one of the biggest and most popular characters in internet bingo is back and frankly after a little 'quiet time' since December we're glad to hear it.

Guess Who

Foxy Bingo has long been a favourite with the Hideout team, and we're hoping that not only will one of our members be getting their paws a share of the advertised £10,000 bingo bonus at the site from 26th January, but will maybe even pick up the fab £1,000 prize for guessing who's back!

All you need to do to enter is visit the hesback2009.com site and submit your entry.

Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3

If you're not the lucky winner of this prize, Foxy still has plenty up his velvet sleeve in terms of prizes for you and all players at this amazing bingo site.

Super Prize Night has moved to Monday nights and is held in the All Our Friends game room. Get in there from 8pm and you could be leaving with one of the top gadgets around from MP3 players to game consoles!

Foxy has also reintroduced the £10 free incentive for any new players brought in by this new ad campaign, as well as guaranteed jackpot games every day of the week right up to Saturday when the prize is a massive £10,000!!

So, hold onto your hats. We know he has something amazing planned for all of his players, but like you, we'll have to wait and see what's in store for the space travelling mascot.


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