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Foxy Zero is here to whet your appetite for quality gaming at no cost!

  • 07 Aug 09
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Foxy Zero

The latest competitor to join the current war for freebie bingo players has just come online and amazingly it’s none other than the Foxmeister himself who is at the centre of the site. Indeed as those of you who have seen the new ad will know, Foxy is shown as creating the idea for Foxy Zero in a brainstorming session, and he even comes up with the slogan ‘You play, we pay’.

The white gloves are staying on

Since the name Foxy already has such serious clout in this business, this new launch from one of the UK’s top online bingo sites couldn’t have ruffled any more feathers; and while the likes of Cheeky Bingo and the new Costa Bingo site have looked untouchable over the last few months in terms of player intake, we are sure that trend might turn around in light of this latest freebie offering. After all, players who are familiar with the game will undoubtedly already know the brand Foxy even if they don’t already play there, and may well choose a know brand over a new one.

What is Zerology?

With brilliant features such as Zerology where players can also win Bingo Points by playing in the Z E R and O patterns in the 75-ball games and by simply calling house in a 90-ball game, the premise is simple and easy to remember so that whatever game you’re playing you’ll win an extra 1,000 points. Foxy Zero also offers a schedule of twenty four hour freebie fun, which is astonishing even to us and the option to pay in any of their 2, 5 or 10p rooms if you fancy a bigger payout. In fact if you play in their daily Foxylicious 500 game, you could win a massive £500!

How much?

With huge jackpots like these on offer for so little, this new site has once again rocked the competitive world of UK online bingo, and we at the Hideout are wondering what the next development in the fight for increased player numbers could possibly be!

Could it be that we will be seeing all of the big brand names releasing a freebie version of their established site for roomies to visit? If that is where we’re headed, we’re wondering how the existing sites will maintain their existing revenue. Whatever the future brings, we have to say that we’ve already had masses of fun over at this new site and we’re very happy that it’s here!


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