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Free Bingo Changes for Dragonfish Brands

  • 01 Jul 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altBingo players at any of the Dragonfish networked brands will have noticed a change to the rooms available under the “Free Bingo” tab from the main lobby of late. It was only in September 2011 that this network dropped their no deposit required welcome bonus of £1 in favour of a no cost offering for players. Even those who had not funded their account were able to participate in the freebie fun thanks to the Free Bingo All room.

However a recent change, along with the bonus structure amendments from this network, means there are now more no cost rooms available when you step through the virtual doors of a brand like Bingo Jetset.

The Free Bingo All room remains, the opening hours are unchanged too (7am until 7pm daily with a 90 ball game every eight minutes for £1 jackpots) but now there are additional rooms for those players who have made a deposit into their account.

The new rooms only become available as you rise through the ranks of the loyalty scheme, Bingo Friends Forever (BFF), and your status is determined by the amount you have spent at the site. There are five levels available and each player starts as Blue meaning they can only access Free Bingo All. Bronze is achieved when you have spent between £5 and £500 playing at your chosen brand whilst a Silver status is attained when you have spent over £500 enjoying the nation’s popular game on the Internet.

For Gold and Platinum you will have to wait for an invitation, who knows how much money has to be spent to reach these heady heights in the BFF scheme! Obviously, the higher your rank, the more free games you can access and the better the jackpots become; so if you haven’t visited your favourite Dragonfish brand in a while, then maybe now is the time to do so and check out what the new free offers mean for you!

The new structure is obviously designed to benefit the players who remain loyal to a brand on the Dragonfish network. Loyalty is something that all sites work hard to maintain with a variety of promotions and bonuses but is the new free bingo structure enough to keep the player coming back to one particular brand when there are so many of these networked brands available on the Internet? At the last count of the Dragonfish networked brands there were over 100 with the total number on online bingo sites available being over the 300 mark!

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