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Gala and Bingo Matchmaking at its finest

  • 21 Apr 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altRecent local Carlisle news has reported the story of Zoe Nicholson, a regular down her local bingo hall, who found herself party to the hall’s first ever marriage proposal. Her partner Ryan, who knew how much she loved her bingo nights out and wanted to make sure this one, went with a spectacular bang.

In front of 100 bingo customers, Ryan got down on one knee and asked Zoe to be his wife and of course, she couldn’t possibly say no. This lovely gesture really worked for the happy couple who are planning to wed in a few years time, with their two children present of course. However, perhaps it doesn’t have to be the traditional bingo hall where you find your soul mate. In fact, even the online bingo world can be a place for a budding romance to bloom.

It was only a couple of years ago that we were reporting that Gala Bingo were responsible for a match made in heaven via their online bingo room chat rooms. Back in 2009, Gala Bingo and online bingo fan Catherine Whitehead truly hit the love jackpot when she met her perfect man Julian Brook whilst playing at Gala Bingo. With 120 miles between them, Catherine living in Lancashire and Julian in East Riding of Yorkshire, the two lovebirds would never have met in usual circumstances so really do have Gala Bingo to thank. It was through a couple of friendly good luck exchanges in the Gala Bingo chat room that the couple eventually got chatting and in the end, after discovering more common interests, they swapped email addresses. The rest, as they say, is history and the couple were planning their wedding back in 2009 so we are hopeful that they are now very happily married – if either of the couple are reading this or any family or friends, we would love to have an update so please drop us a line ;).

What’s more heartening about this story is that Catherine had previously played in traditional bingo halls until ill health temporarily stopped her gaming. After a suggestion from her daughter, she began playing on her laptop and eventually met Julian; then on meeting in person they embarked on a serious relationship, Catherine and Julian continued playing online bingo and even visited clubs together.

This surely isn’t the only story of love being sparked via an online bingo website and with the growth and popularity of online dating and a huge number of happy matches coming from this process, why can’t others find love via their favourite online bingo room? With a shared interest already you already have some common ground. If you have found love through your favourite bingo room, please leave us a comment and tell us your story.


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