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Gala Bingo Burnley apply for PP for smoking shelter

  • 03 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoA Gala Bingo hall in Burnley is hoping to get a new smoking shelter, that is if the local planning department agree.  The proposed new smoking shelter if given the go ahead will include gaming machines to entertain the Gala bingo troops whilst they take a smoking break and should give them all the excitement of the main bingo hall but outside.  The shelter will no doubt have all the standard comforts of lighting and a heater but with the added addition of a PA sound system which will provide an exciting extra addition to the free standing shelter.

Sound system and outdoor games machines

Gala Bingo has added similar installations at other bingo halls in the group and all have proved popular with the bingo players who use the facility between games.  The new Gala Bingo shelter will allow players to hear the games being called via the PA sound system whilst in the outside shelter. The new shelter will protect the players from the elements whilst still adhering to current legislation which states that smoking shelters must be no more than 49% enclosed.

Reverse the trend on diminishing player numbers?

The need for smoking shelters has arisen since the smoking ban which banned smoking in public places.  Bingo halls around the country have had to close due to diminishing player numbers, this has been attributed in part to the smoking ban.  Gala Bingo themselves have had to close many of their bingo halls though they attribute part of the problems to high taxation, changes to player habits and legislative changes to payouts on slot machines.  With the addition of smoking shelters it is hoped that it will help to slow down the reduction in player numbers and some in the industry anticipate that players will return if they have the facility to enjoy their bingo games without the worry of the smoking ban.


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