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Gala Bingo caller jailed for rigging bingo game

  • 03 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoA Gala Bingo employee has been jailed for fixing a bingo game that he was a caller for, which allowed his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend to become winners.  The Gala Bingo game fixing occurred on two occasions, both times Christian Grant rigged the bingo game so the women involved would be the only winners.  The first time Grant fixed a Gala bingo game was in September last year allowing his ex-girlfriend Nandi Ndebele to win a Gala Bingo jackpot prize of £7,830 then again in March when current girlfriend Samantha Temple was provided with the opportunity to falsely claim a win of £1,040. Grant who admitted the charge, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud at Newcastle Crown Court and sentenced to 9 months in prison.

Ndebele and Temple also admitted the charge and were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud Gala Bingo, the two women aged 28 and 29 respectively were not given jail sentences, instead they were given supervision orders.  Regular readers of Bingo Hideout will recall that we covered the story of the Gala Bingo game fixing allegations and the arrests of the perpetrators way back in April this year. Luckily the tricksters were caught out by the sharp eyes of another Gala Bingo player who realised that the caller was behaving in a very strange manner.  The lady bingo player noticed that the caller was taking the microphone away from his face and pausing for a long time between the numbers. The trio apparently stole the money after tinkering with the random number generator and colluding about the numbers on the women’s bingo tickets in an attempt to pay of debts.

Grant and his current partner Temple have a child together and now live on benefits since losing their jobs at the Gala Bingo Hall.  The judge in his summing up said “You deliberately overrode the random number generator and turned it to manual input to deliberately make winners of your two co-accused then took your share of their winnings.
“You used your position to feather your nest.”

In stories published in the Sunderland Echo and Newcastle’s Chronicle Live, the shamed bingo caller, Grant took the blame squarely saying that it was he who had instigated the fraud.


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