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Gala Bingo Christmas present poll reveals seasonal gift disasters

  • 13 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoGala Bingo has been revealing some interesting facts about Christmas present buying in the UK.  The online bingo site has carried out a poll of 2,000 people who were asked probing questions regarding Christmas gifts such as who is the ‘worst present buyer?’ and ‘what was the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?’ The results of the Gala Bingo survey are pretty interesting with some pretty horrendous presents received by the bingo players questioned, such as fake designer label perfumes, second hand clothes, nose hair clippers and kitchen equipment and utensils.

Aunty can I have a gift receipt please?

The worst for buying rubbish gifts are not the most obvious culprits (husbands or boyfriends!) but well meaning aunts who have lost all concept of what relatives would like as a Christmas gift. However luckily for aunts who have lost the skill to purchase a decent Christmas present, the majority of those bingo players questioned would be grateful for the gift they received on Christmas Day even if it was not that great.  The least likely to be appreciative out of the Gala Bingo players questioned were the 26 to 30 age group.

Good news for Gala Bingo players who are dreading unwrapping presents such as those mentioned above on Christmas Day, Gala Bingo have some great Christmas online bingo promotions running currently with prizes of up to £20k and with jackpots like that you can buy exactly what you want for Christmas!

Bingo Hideout writer receives tragic gifts too!

The writer’s own particular Christmas presents from hell are always received from the other half who has the same aptitude for gift buying as Tiger Woods has at remaining faithful.  His gifts have included (and this is no word of a lie) a dustbin, the following year a kitchen flip top bin, but one of his ‘best’ yet has to be when he was under some illusion that wrinkle cream was a thoughtful gift.  Never known for tact and diplomacy the offending article (and that is a direct reference to the other half) went on to add insult to injury when I was opening the gift by uttering the words “I thought you might need some more face cream as it is clearly working – you have lots more wrinkles!” So Bingo Hideout readers tell us about your Christmas presents from hell, what were they and who were they from?  Pound to a penny you can’t beat mine!


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