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Gala Bingo Coventry and Maidstone have their cross to bear

  • 16 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoPoor old Gala Bingo, there just seems to be one thing after another for the online bingo and bingo hall company.  Two news stories that feature on local online publications highlight the difficulties that running a big bingo chain can sometimes throw at you, never mind all the regular staffing issues and added annoyances thrown in with high taxation from Gordon and his little Darling! Gala Bingo also has to deal with the general public, and that can sometimes be more trouble than its worth.  Of course when we say the general public we don’t mean the online bingo playing community as they are of course great and problem free, no we mean the rest of the world.

The first Gala Bingo story to catch the eye of the Bingo Hideout news team is in the Coventry Telegraph.  The Gala Bingo Hall located on Brade Drive in Walsgrave, Coventry has some unwelcome visitors in their car park, a small community of travellers have moved on to the car park and set up home much to the chagrin of the owner of the land Hall Bros and Coventry City Council.  Legal moves are being made to move the travellers from the site and in the meantime the Environmental department are asking the public to contact them directly if there is any behaviour that is considered by local people to be anti-social.

The second Gala Bingo hall story doesn’t feature any bingo game players either, yet the story on the Kent Online website tells the intriguing tale of two youngsters who dressed in combats decided to try to break into the Gala Bingo Hall in Maidstone.  On failing to carry out their forced entry to the Gala Bingo building the comic duo then tried to scale the building, their rather pathetic attempts at climbing the building ended with a girl being stuck behind a locked gate and a boy getting trapped between the buildings resulting in the hapless pair being the saved by the fire brigade.  The unsatisfactory result continued for the would be intruders as a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old boy were both arrested and then cautioned for criminal damage to the Maidstone Gala Bingo hall.


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