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Gala Bingo gears up for PayPal introduction

  • 04 Mar 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altGala Bingo is considered the UK’s top bingo operator and to keep up with the times, they’re planning to accept PayPal payments from March 1st. PayPal is one of the leading e-commerce companies worldwide which allows for payments to be processed quickly and securely online. Transactions via PayPal make it possible to effect quick deposits and withdrawals from a bingo account without offering up any of your personal bank details to the online bingo company. It is also said that PayPal makes collecting winning gained at Gala Bingo, much easier and quicker.

Gala Bingo marketing director, Matt Prevost, highlighted the company’s desire to strive to ‘improve the online playing experience’ for their members and the introduction of PayPal would ‘increase [their] customers’ security and ensure that they trust [their] service’. Prevosts also highlights that the introduction of PayPal may appeal to a new audience and encourage a flurry of new members to play bingo at Gala Bingo whilst also keeping current members satisfied with their service.

The PayPal service via Gala Bingo will allow players to access their PayPal accounts through the bingo website with full security benefits. Customers can then use their PayPal accounts as normal to deposit funds, collect their winnings and manage their available money. PayPal is a hugely popular service with millions of users across the UK and it’s especially popular in online retail as the main choice of payment for the online marketplace eBay. In addition to this, PayPal is becoming a common feature on many other online retail sites as it instils a feeling of security for many people who are not comfortable disclosing their bank details on regular occasions. With PayPal, your account is linked to your bank and all you need to do is work within their system to make payments. This idea is a really good move for Gala Bingo as many non-players who are familiar with PayPal but potentially distrustful of online gaming banking procedures may be drawn in, now they know they can play securely without worrying about their sensitive information.

Many leading bingo sites already accept PayPal including Bingo on the Box, Wink Bingo and Bingo Street. These companies amongst others have realised the benefits of providing PayPal as a payment option as it is considered amongst the safest and most trusted payment options out there. Gala Bingo already sits at the top of the table when it comes to popular bingo operators so with this new development things can only get bigger and better.


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