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Gala Bingo hall attack leaves pensioner battered and bruised

  • 30 Oct 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoA Gala Bingo hall located on Mitcham Road in Tooting has been the alleged scene of a vicious attack on an elderly bingo player.  The incident at the Gala Bingo hall is said to have occurred on Tuesday 20th October when the 70 year old pensioner tripped over another players outstretched legs, then when the elderly lady complained to the woman she was subjected to a ferocious and violent sustained assault which left her battered and bruised.  Gala Bingo hall staff, although aware of the disturbance are said to have continued the bingo game that was in progress whilst the helpless woman was on the floor being beaten by the woman, who is described as being in her thirties.

The woman alleged to have carried out the assault on the other Gala bingo player has now been barred from the London club.  One witness to the alleged gala bingo attack is quoted in a local newspaper publication as commenting “I’m disgusted by the whole affair and Gala should be ashamed of themselves.” A Gala Bingo spokesperson is also quoted as saying that statements were taken from both of the women involved and the decision was made to remove the alleged attacker from the Gala Bingo hall and also to bar her from the premises. The elderly woman has apparently not made an official complaint either to Gala Bingo or to the police.  The Gala Bingo representative also said of the incident “Gala Coral takes the safety of our staff and customers very seriously”.

The other bingo players were said to be stunned by the early afternoon attack which only ceased when a male Gala Bingo employee eventually intervened to stop the fight. Players were further surprised that the alleged attack had taken place, because the woman accused of the assault had won £600 playing a bingo game just prior to the incident. The attacker is believed to have outclassed the woman not only in age but in size too, making the assault all the more distressing.


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