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Gala Bingo hall Hounslow celebrates £253k High 5 jackpot

  • 09 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoThe Gala Bingo hall in Hounslow became the most thrilling place in West London if not the UK after a winner netted the High 5 jackpot meaning all the members of the game received a bit of the Gala Bingo winner ‘s £253k fortune.  The reason for the hall erupting with excitement (as most bingo players will know) was because the ladies and gents in the Gala Bingo club all realised that with the winner being one of their own that they would share a piece of the good fortune too!  The lucky High 5 jackpot winner scooped a total of £128,000 in the High 5 game, which is a pretty impressive jackpot by any standards.

Happy tears and a MaccyD’s

The unidentified Gala Bingo winner’s good fortune meant that each and every bingo player who was in the same bingo game each received a share of £125,000.  The shock of the jackpot win caused the winner to shed a few tears, but we can only assume that these were the proverbial ‘happy tears’.  Some of the players decided to celebrate by having a slap up meal at their local McDonalds, others planned holidays abroad with their new found fortune. All of the Gala Bingo players were agreed though that the lucky winner should receive lots of applause, hugs and congratulations as well as some thank you’s for the win that made so many people happy.

How do you bring joy to 31 people? Play High 5

The happy Gala Bingo winners, 30 women and one man all believe that the win is a life changing event and will bring a lot of happiness to all the players and their families.  Lynda McNamara who is also a regular player at the Hounslow Gala Bingo hall,  described to the local paper what happened in the moments after the winner called house “When we realised that we were all winners too you would have thought there were a thousand people in the room with all the noise.”

Bingo Hideout would like to say well done to all the members of the Gala Bingo club in Hounslow.


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