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Gala Bingo Hall in Dudley next on the list of closures

  • 22 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoSadly we have news of yet another high street bingo hall that has closed, the Gala Bingo hall in Dudley is the latest in a long line of bingo hall closures.  The Gala Bingo Hall located at Castle Hill has been under threat in the past, with reports in the press of a possible closure as recent as August 2008.  However now the Gala Bingo hall has closed and there is little likelihood of a reversal of fortunes for this particular hall, and Gala Bingo have reportedly had an offer for the now vacant premises.

The news of the closure has been published this week on the Express and Star local news publication for Dudley, and reportedly the decision to close the bingo hall was only made last weekend.  Of course Gala Bingo hall staff are all becoming more and more accustomed to the bad news of closures and redundancies as this is now becoming almost commonplace.  Bingo Hideout’s own news stories have even had a reaction from disgruntled Gala Bingo Hall staff that have had enough of the bad news and place the blame on Management for all the recent closures and not as Gala Bingo reports are all saying on the bingo taxation, online bingo and the smoking ban. The decision to close the latest Gala Bingo hall has been a ‘commercial decision’ according to a Gala Bingo spokesperson. Bingo Hideout have recently interviewed Neil Goulden of Gala Bingo who at the time gave assurances that there were no more closures planned, the situation has clearly changed and we must wonder if there are any further closures planned.

The epidemic of bingo hall closures is not just happening to Gala Bingo of course, recently Top Ten Bingo have also been suffering from a similar fate.  It is worth reminding our readers to visit the I’m Backing Bingo campaign site to register their support of the humble high street  bingo hall which is if the current trend continues heading for extinction – maybe we need to get David Attenborough on the case to do a television fly on the wall style documentary, then maybe we could keep this little bit of British tradition right where it should be – on the high street!


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