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Gala Bingo has some star crossed bingo players

  • 07 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoIf you are have similar beliefs to that of Gala Bingo and think a big bingo win is written in the stars, then you should make sure you tune into the Gala TV Horoscope Bingo show that takes place on Sky.  The Gala Bingo TV Horoscope Bingo is on every Friday at 8.00pm and offers bingo tickets for 10p each, and the hour long bingo show is presented by Claire Petulengro for the whole of September.  For anyone who doesn’t know who Claire Petulengro is, she is a leading celebrity clairvoyant and astrologer with many famous clients and is from a long line of astologers.


Taureans the luckiest star sign of all at Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is promoting the new Gala TV Horoscope Bingo programmes with a press release which includes some interesting facts about the star signs that the winners at Gala Bingo are most likely to be. It would seem from the data available that the luckiest participants in bingo games at the Gala Bingo group between the 1st July 2008 and 30th June 2009 are born under the sign of Taurus.  Claire Petulengro has interpretated all the available results and has come to the conclusion that the unluckiest of the star signs appear to be those born under the sign of Virgo, this is because they sensibly like to keep an eye on risks and are very careful about researching the different options prior to participating in online bingo and gaming meaning that they are 35% less likely to win.

Bingo players born under the sign of Cancer  take too many risks

The star sign that takes the most risks in online bingo games is Cancer, however this sign of the zodiac does not have the benefit of winning more often because of their derring-do attitude and they appear to set too much store by their gut instinct taking too many risks and although they do have strategies they still allow emotion to control their online bingo playing habits. Those online bingo players at Gala Bingo who are born under the sign of Libra are careful and will save to make sure that they can afford their Gala Bingo flutter, and certainly would not risk their money unduly and will actually play 30% less than the average Cancerian.

The Gala TV Horoscope Bingo show will show that all Gala Bingo players are able to win but should keep a close eye on the stars and their horoscope to ascertain when is the best time to play – you heard it here first your win is written in the stars!


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