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Gala Bingo New Mobile App is So Easy On-the-Go say Fans

  • 10 Aug 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altCompared to many of their competitors, Gala Bingo were rather delayed in releasing a mobile version of their site to their fans. Gala’s mobile iPhone and iPad app hit the market in early 2003 and, since this time, it’s received a few updates in Apple’s app store. Part of the beauty of mobile bingo is that it enables players to get online and enjoy their favourite games wherever and whenever they like. So, if that means doing a bit of multi-tasking, then we think bingo-lovers should be able to do it with ease – after all, keeping your eyes on multiple cards and ball numbers is pretty brain-stretching at times, and that’s not to even mention playing side games at the same time!

One Gala Bingo fan recently posted on the brand’s Facebook page about how she manages to fit playing her favourite mobile games around her housework chores. Jo Kingston is a long-time fan of the brand, and has come up with a 10-step plan (or secret, as she calls it) on how to enjoy great bingo on-the-go:

1.    Login to the site on your phone;
2.    Choose your favourite room to play in (out of interest, Jo’s favourite is the Castle Room);
3.    Say hello to everyone;
4.    Purchase your tickets;
5.    Make sure your phone’s volume button is turned up high;
6.    Position your mobile safely and securely in your bra to prevent any mishaps;
7.    Carry on with the washing up, cleaning the bathroom, making dinner, etc. while listening to the game;
8.    Don’t forget to check your phone when you hear it flashing;
9.    Remove your mobile from your bra when the game ends and grab more tickets;
10.    Repeat steps 6 to 10.

We think Jo’s plan is quite ingenious, and it got us wondering how our readers prefer to play at their favourite mobile bingo sites… Do you have any hot tips for how to do your everyday tasks while managing to play for a full house or two? We think that the auto-dab option is definitely a must! Maybe you think headphones or a hands-free kit are best for when you’re doing the hoovering?

For those of you who’d like to know more about Gala Bingo’s mobile app, we can tell you that the latest version for iPhone and iPad features over forty games, including thirteen new rooms, and Chests of Plenty which offers some pretty impressive jackpots.


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