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Gala Bingo poll reveals secrets of nation of pet lovers

  • 06 Apr 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoGala Bingo has revealed in a brand new survey carried out by One Poll that their online bingo fans as well as the rest of the nation are committed animal lovers.  The survey which has been carried out to help promote the new Gala Bingo Pet Hour TV show, revealed that a massive 50% of pet owners share their bed with their pet (let’s hope that these pampered pets don’t include tarantula spiders or lizards!).  Gala Bingo has also revealed that at least another 49% will allow their pets to relax on the sofa, and unbelievably will actually sit on the floor rather than disturb their pet.

Save the dog, phone or wife – hmmmm difficult choice!

This does all point to the fact that the nation as a whole are not only big bingo fans but big pet lovers too.  Another striking statistic that has come out from the Gala Bingo poll is that almost three quarters of pet owners carry a picture of their treasure pet on their mobile phone.  One rather strange statistic that the Gala Bingo survey showed was that 10% of people would actually save their mobile phone first rather than a pet in the even of a fire – luckily 90% had the common sense to put a living creature first.  Bingo Hideout wonder what statistics would have been thrown up if pet lovers were asked who they would save first, a partner or their much loved pet!

Done up like a dog’s dinner!

The new Pet Show on Gala Bingo TV will feature celebrity vet Joe Inglis and will be broadcast at the Gala Bingo site and will also be screened on the Freesat and Sky Channels 861.  The show will be on every Friday from 9th April through to 30th April 2010 from 8.00 pm until 9.00 pm.   There will be pet related bingo games as well as informative topics for all pet owners such as choosing suitable family pets, pet holiday information, health care, specialist pet advice and much more.  Other secrets revealed in the Gala Bingo survey include that 12% of animal lovers buy dressing up outfits for their pets, 27% name their pets after popular TV characters, organic meat is on the menu for 16% of pampered pets and a whopping 33% sit in the front seat of the car – Bingo Hideout just hope it isn’t the drivers seat!


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